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June 1999, Liang Long started the band “Second Hand Rose” in XinHuaCun the surburb of Harbin.

August 13th, 2000, the band got the first live performance in Get Lucky Bar Beijing. Since then its performance became a strange scene in the rock circle of Beijing and alive in all kinds of bars and clubs.
November 14th, 2002, Second Hand Rose signed with Beijing YiZhiZhai Culture Spreading Co., Ltd.

January 2003, the band released their eponymous first album Second Hand Rose.
2006, Second Hand Rose signed with Music Nation Group Hong Kong.
October 17th, 2006, the second album The World of Entertainment was released.

November 1st, 2008, Liang Long organized other domestic rock bands and original folk singers to record and release the compilation album You in the Red Chamber, I Journey West.

January 1st, 2010, the MV of Lover was released.
The Same Song. Second Hand Rose covered "Three Monks" in this collection.
July 1st, 2010, the internal collection Everyone Wants to be the Leader Singer of Second Hand Rose was released; each band member and the band former agent Huang Liaoyuan chose a song in memory and covered in this collection.
November to December, 2010, Second Hand Rose had a tour named "Ten Years like One Day" and returned to their hometown Northeastern China first time.
March 8th, 2010, the plan Book of Music started in due form.
May 2nd, 2011, the ten year anniversary live DVD Ten Years like One was released.
December 2011, "The road of Music Book" world tour of Second Hand Rose is about to begin.
July 28th 2012,International Music Collection Out of Cage and Sing Published.
May 16th 2013,Second Hand Rose sign Up with Modern Sky.

August 12th, 2013, the third album Stealing The Show was released.
October 12th to 19th 2013, One Heart Two Places in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
June 6th, 2014, Beijing Workers' Stadium live DVDUseless Rock&Roll was released.
December 31st, 2014, Documentary film Useless Rock&Roll Amecica tour To Amecica in Dreams was released.
May 21st, 2016, Second Hand Rose with the termination of the Modern Sky.


January 2002, in the third "Top Chinese Music Chart Awards" ceremony, Second Hand Rose has got four nominations: the Annual Best Rock Performance, the Annual Best New Rock Band, the Annual Best Rock Album and the Annual Best Rock Single. The band finally got the Annual Best New Rock Band award.
December 2003, in the ceremony of China Light Music Award, Second Hand Rose got two nominations: the Best Rock Album and the Best Rock Band. The two nominations were confirmed.
July 11th, 2004, in the ceremony of the fourth "Mandarin Music Media Awards", Second Hand Rose gained the Best Rock Actor Award、Ten Chinese Records Award and New Force Award.

May 2006, Second Hand Rose was listed as the Best Rock Band in the "Sprite Music Chart".

December 2006, Second Hand Rose gained the Annual Best Rock Band in the ceremony of "Entertain China" hosted by Tencent.

May 2009, You in the Red Chamber, I Journey West won the nomination of the best collection award in the ninth Mandarin Media Music ceremony.
April 11th, 2011, Liang Long won the Best Rock Singer of the 11th "Top Chinese Music Chart Awards" and Everyone Want to be the Lead Singer gained the nomination of the Best Rock Collection.
February 18th, 2012, Second Hand Rose won the Annual Best Chinese Band in the first ceremony of Shanghai Mao Live House.

December 16th, 2012, Second Hand Rose gained the "SpecialAward by the Grand Jury" in the fourth China rock MIDI awards.
December 30th, 2014, Social Talk won the Best Band of the 14th "Top Chinese Music Chart Awards".
October 1st, 2017, Social Talk the theme song of the movie Free and Easy was nominated as the best orignal song for the movie of the 54th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards. Second Hand Rose was invited to the awards ceremony and performed the song Social Talk on November 25th, 2017.



December 31rt, As You Wish 2018-2019 in Shenyang.
December 23rd, Birth To Bloom in Wuhan.
December 21st, Birth To Bloom in Changsha.
December 16th, Birth To Bloom in Xian.
December 14th, Birth To Bloom in Chengdu.
December 12th, Birth To Bloom in Chongqing.
December 8th, Birth To Bloom in Xiamen.
December 6th, Birth To Bloom in Zhengzhou.
December 2nd, Birth To Bloom in Kunming.
November 25th, Birth To Bloom in Taiyuan.
November 23rd, Birth To Bloom in Shijiazhuang.
November 15th, Birth To Bloom in Hangzhou.
November 11th, Birth To Bloom in Huhehot.
November 9th, Birth To Bloom in Baotou.
October 28th, Birth To Bloom in Jinan.
October 26th, Birth To Bloom in Tianjin.
October 1st, Shark Music Festival in Zhuhai.
September 23rd, RYE Music Festival in Beijing.
September 22nd, Cacti Music Festival in Chengdu.
August 25th, Birth To Bloom in Wuxi.
August 19th, Nanjing Miaolian Music Festival.
August 17th, Jinzhou Majiao Music Festival.
August 11th, Wish You Happy, Huang Jiaju 25th Anniversary Tribute Chengdu Concert.
July 29th, MIDI Weekend in Luoyang.
July 28th, Birth To Bloom in Hefei.
July 26th, Birth To Bloom in Nanjing.
July 21st, Prairie Music Festival 2018.
July 14th, 500KM Music Festival 2018.
July 7th, Second Hand Rose 2018 new album Birth to BloomKick-off Concert.
June 30th, Harbin Rubik's Cube Music Festival.
June 24th, 2018 Lanzhou Bright Future Festival.
June 18th, Birth To Bloom in Guangzhou.
June 16th, Birth To Bloom in Shenzhen.
June 10th, Wish You Happy, Huang Jiaju 25th Anniversary Tribute Beijing Concert.
May 20th, Hangzhou Oxygen Music Festival 2018.
May 19th, Xi'an Strawberry Music Festival 2018.
May 18th, MTA Festival 2018.
May 1st, Zhengzhou Air Show Music Festival.
April 29th, Natian Flower Sea Star-nest Music Festival.
April 28th, Handan Majiao Music Festival.
April 21st, Ningbo Orange Music Festival 2018.
March 15th, SXSW Music Festival China Night Showcase.


December 31st, The Beauty Of Adult 18 Anniversary In Shenyang.
December 30th, Shenzhen MIDI Festival 2017.
December 23rd, Rock Up in Xian.
December 21st, Rock Up in Kunming.
December 17th, Rock Up in Hefei.
December 15th, Rock Up in Changsha.
December 13th, Rock Up in Zhengzhou.
December 9th, Rock Up in Huhehot.
December 8th, Rock Up in Baotou.
December 2nd, Qiandeng Lake Music Festival.
November 18th, Rock Up in Shenzhen.
November 16th, Rock Up in Wuxi.
November 4th, Rock Up in Shanghai.
October 7th, Xi'an Night Of Magpie Music Festival 2017.
October 3rd, Lost Valley Festival 2017.
October 1st, Baoding Ineternational Music Festival 2017.
September 16th, Rock Up in Xuzhou.
August 20th, 2017 Light UP Shanghai.
August 19th, Wumeng Music Festival 2017.
August 13th, Changzhou Yancheng Music Festival 2017.
August 12th, Yulin Sand Music Festival 2017.
August 11th, Tian Mu Prairie Music Party.
August 6th, 2017 Rizhao Ocean International Music Festival.
August 4th, Hohaiyan Gung Liau Rock Festival 2017.
July 28th, ZhangBei Music Festival 2017.
July 22nd, Alxa Dream International Beer Festival.
July 21st, Rock Up in Luoyang.
July 7th, Eron Sandlake Mort Music Festival 2017.
June 30th, Shijiazhuang Starlight Music Fsetival 2017.
June 15th, Rock Up in Chongqing.
June 14th, Rock Up in Chengdu.
May 28th, Hualu Music Festival.
May 24th, Rock Up in Taiyuan.
May 18th, Rock Up in Qingdao.
May 17th,Rock Up in Jinan.
May 11th, Rock Up in Shijiazhuang.
May 10th, Rock Up in Tianjin.
April 29th, Taihu MIDI Festival 2017.
April 22nd, Rock Up in Shenyang.
April 21st, Rock Up in Dalian.
April 16th, Rock Up in Changchun.
April 15th, Rock Up in Harbin.
February 14th, Wait A Thousand Years No More 214 Concert In Beijing.


December 31st, 2016-2017 Red And Green Electronic Music Party.
December 30th, Sanya Dream Sonic Music Festival 2016.
November 25th, Shijiazhuang Rock Denoising Folk Concert 2016.
November 12th, Taipei Love Love Rock Music Festival.
October 16th, Mount Emei Music Festival 2016.
October 14th, International Moutain Music Festival 2016.
October 5th, Huanghua Music Festival 2016.
September 29th, Helanshan Music Festival 2016.
September 24th, Xi'an Expo Park Music Festival 2016.
September 17th, Huatian Music&Living Festival 2016.
September 16th, Shijiazhuang Music Festival 2016.
September 14th, Yinchuan Flower Demon Music Festival 2016.
September 11th, Suzhou Come On ! Music Festival 2016.
August 30th, Datong Dream Sonic 2016.
August 19th, Tianjin Rock Denoising Folk Concert 2016.
August 15th, Changzhi MOZ Music Festival 2016.
August 7th, Beijing National Stadium Fun For All Music Festival 2016.
July 31st, Dalian Rock Denoising Folk Concert 2016.
July 30th, Weifang External Ear Music Festival 2016.
July 24th, Ordos 21 Time Jiucheng Palace Music Festival 2016.
July 17th, Harbin Beez Music Festival 2016.
July 16th, Typhoon Music Festival 2016.
July 15th, Chengdu Rock Denoising Folk Concert 2016.
June 24th, At The Age Of Who Is Second Hand Rose Concert.
May 2nd, Shanghai Strawberry Music Festival 2016.
May 1st, Beijing Strawberry Music Festival 2016.
April 30th, Luoyang Tang Town Music Festival 2016.
March 23rd, Wuhan Strawberry Music Festival 2016.
February 26th-28th, Christchurch Lantern Festival.
February 19th-22nd, Auckland Lantern Festival.
January 23rd, 2017 The Fist Session Delicacy&Music Lijiang.


December 31st, Zhuhai's New Year's Eve Music Party.
December 26th, Beijing Rock Denoising Folk Concert 2016.
December 24th, Tangshan Rock Fsetival Christmas Party.
December 22nd, Second Hand Rose in Full Bloom ShenYang Concert.
December 13th, Ideal Tour Music Festival 2015.
December 5th, This World Music Fest Formosa 2015.
November 28th, Dongguan Strawberry Music Festival 2015.
November 14th, 2015 Mini Live Concert in Jinan.
October 25th, Chongqing Strawberry Music Festival 2015.
October 24th, Mianyang Strawberry Music Festival 2015.
October 9th/10th, Cheoyong World Music Festival.
October 3rd, 2015 Monster Music Festival.
October 2nd, Santanshan Music Festival 2015.
October 1st, Xiangjiang Music Festival 2015.
September 26th, Nanjing Forest Concert 2015.
September 20th, Kunming Green Fest 2015.
August 27th/29th, V-Rox 2015 Music Festival in Vladivostok, Russia.
July 22nd, Paléo Festival Nyon 2015.
July 18th, Lanzhou Storm Music Festival 2015.
July 5th, Hulun Buir Nomadic Music Festival 2015.
June 19th, Rock This Game in Linyi.
May 31st, Chongqing Green Fest 2015.
May 30th, 6789 Ocean Music Festival 2015.
May 17th, Strawberry Music Festival 2015 Xi'an.
May 16th, Rock This Game in Changchun.
May 15th, Rock This Game in Dalian.
May 10th, Rock This Game in Shenyang.
May 8th, Rock This Game in Harbin.
May 1st, Changjiang International Music Festival 2015.
April 24th, Rock This Game in Beijing.
April 12th, Redox Reaction Live in Mao.
March 28th, Concert in Yantai.
February 13th, 2015 First Live in Tianjin.


December 31st, 2015 Demo Live in Beijing Exhibition Theater.
December 24th, "No Music No Perfect" Concert.
December 20th, The Voice of the South Festival.
December 10th, Serve The Rock Concert.
December 8th, Useless Rock&Roll in Shenzhen.
October 19th, Second Hand Rose Useless Rock North-American Tour in New York.
October 15th, Second Hand Rose Useless Rock North-American Tour in Philadelphia.
October 10th, Second Hand Rose Useless Rock North-American Tour in Washington, D.C.
October 7th, Second Hand Rose Useless Rock North-American Tour in Boston.
October 2nd, ChangJiang MIDI Music Festival 2014.
October 1st, Tianjin Strawberry Music Festival 2014.
September 30th, Super Star Concet in Shenyang.
September 21st, Xi'an Expo Park Music 2014.
September 20th, Chongqing Green Fest 2014.
September 13th, Guangzhou Strawberry Music Festival 2014.
September 9th, NEW Young Song in Beijing Chenjinglun High School.
September 6th, Changchun Strawberry Music Festival 2014.
September 5th, Yuci PMM Music Festival 2014.
August 30th, Modern Sky Music Festival 2014.
August 3rd, Checkerboard mountain Music Festival 2014.
July 13th, Wellands Music Festival 2014.
July 6th, Changsha Strawberry Music Festival 2014.
June 15th, Taiyuan Day-Off Music Season 2014.
June 1st, Qinhuangdao 6789 Ocean Music Festival 2014.
May 31st, Chengdu Strawberry Music Festival 2014.
May 24th, Chengdu New Polo Youth Music Stage-Rundown.
May 17th, Shenzhen Strawberry Music Festival 2014.
May 3rd, Shanghai Strawberry Music Festival 2014.
May 2nd, Beijing Strawberry Music Festival 2014.
April 20th, 2014 Second Hand Roses "Useless Rock" concert tour in Qinhuangdao.
April 18th, 2014 Second Hand Roses "Useless Rock" concert tour in Tianjin.
April 2nd, Opening Party for "Sound of the Xity 2014".
March 30th, 2014 Second Hand Roses "Useless Rock" concert tour in Harbin.
March 28th, 2014 Second Hand Roses "Useless Rock" concert tour in Changchun.
March 23rd to 24th, 2014 Second Hand Roses "Useless Rock" concert tour in Shenyang.
March 21st, 2014 Second Hand Roses "Useless Rock" concert tour in Dalian.
March 15th, Beijing DVD presenttation concert.


December 24th, 500KM·2013 City Music Festival.
December 7th, Useless Rock&Roll In Beijing Workers' Stadium.
October 19th, One Heart Two Places in Geohiong Hong Kong HiddenAgenda.
October 18th, One Heart Two Places in Geohiong The Wall.
October 17th, One Heart Two Places in Taitung tiehua music village.
October 16th, One Heart Two Places in Taichung Sound Live House.
October 13th, One Heart Two Places in Taipei Legacy.
October 12th, Rainbow Bay Festival 2013.
October 5th, Changchun Strawberry Music Festival 2013.
October 2nd, China ShiJiazhuang The 1st Starlight Int'l Music Festival.
October 1st, Nanning Greenfield Music Festival 2013.
September 8th, Orange Isle Muisc 2013 Festival.
August 12th, Second Hand Rose STEALING THE SHOW Album Release Concert.
August 4th, Silk Road Great Wall International Music Culture Festival.
August 3rd, Zhongwei Green Fest 2013.
July 28th, Wetlands Music Festival 2013.
July 28th, Wetlands Music Festival 2013.
July 19th, Yinchuan Green Fest 2013.
June 11th, Wuhan Strawberry Music Festival 2013.
June 1st, Xi'an Strawberry Music Festival 2013.
May 1st, Shanghai Strawberry Music Festival 2013.
April 30th, Beijing Strawberry Music Festival 2013.
April 13th, "The peony in full bloom" 2013 China Luoyang peony festival rock concert.
March 16th, "Spring Dream" Music Season at Nian Club VIP Music Live.
January 26th, Charity Concert for Liang Heping,Yu Gong Yi Shan, Beijing.
January 5th, "Are you happy?" in 13CLUB Tianjin.
January 4th, "Are you happy?" in 7LIVEHOUSE Zhengzhou.


December 31st, "Are you happy?" in B10 Live Shenzhen.
December 30th, "Are you happy?" in Live Bar Zhuhai.
December 29th, "Are you happy?" in T:union Guangzhou.
December 28th, "Are you happy?" in 46LIVEHOUSE Changsha.
December 27th, "Are you happy?" in VOX Wuchang.
December 22nd, Only One Thriving Second Hand Rose Ni Mei Concert, Beijing Tango Third Floor.
December 15th, "Are you happy?" in Nuts Club Chongqing.
December 13th to 14th, "Are you happy?" in Little Bar Chengdu.
December 9th, "Are you happy?" in Aperture Club Xi'an.
December 8th, "Are you happy?" in Kwai Live House Lanzhou.
December 7th, "Are you happy?" in Tong Guan Live House Yinchuan.
December 3rd, "Are you happy?" in X-CLUB Suzhou.
December 2nd, "Are you happy?" in 9-Club Bar Hangzhou.
December 1st, Midi Rock Night in Wenling.
November 30th, Play Rcok Festival 2012 Second Season.
November 29th, "Are you happy?" in 61HOUSE Nanjing.
November 25th, "Are you happy?" in Downtown Bar Qingdao.
November 24th, "Are you happy?" in La Habana Bra Yantai.
November 23rd, "Are you happy?" in Banjo Music Bar Jinan.
November 18th, "Are you happy?" in Hertz Bra Dalian.
November 17th, "Are you happy?" in World Star International Hotel Shenyang.
November 16th, "Are you happy?" in Sharp Sound Live House Changchun.
November 15th, "Are you happy?" in BOX Town Harbin.
November 3rd, "Are you happy?" in NiNG Live House Hohhot.
November 2nd, "Are you happy?" in Fire Bar Baotou.
November 1st, "Are you happy?" in Party Club Erdos.
October 12th, A8 Bar Ningbo.
August 24th, YOGA MIDI FESTIVAL 2012.
August 18th, Inter City Music Festival 2012.
August 8th, Volley music carnival 2012.
July 28th, "Out of the Cage and Sing" in Shanghai Mao Live House.
July 14th to 15th, 2012 Guangzhou Chime Long Cool Play Festival.
July 7th to 8th, Rudolstadt 2012 Roots Folk World Music Festival.
June 22nd, Live at More and More Happy Music Festival in Xi'an.
June 16th, Out of Cage Sleep Together Live Performance.
May 1st, perform in the Shanghai Strawberry Festival 2012.
April 30th, perform in the Beijing Strawberry Festival 2012.
March 8th, "Goodbye Qiuku" the first special performance for women and the anniversary of "Music Book" plan.
February 25th, Special performance in Party Club Erdos.
February 18th, Performed as guest in the first annual ceremony of Shanghai Mao Live House.
January 8th, "The Road to Music Book" in Little Bar Chengdu.
January 7th, "The Road to Music Book" in Nuts Club Chongqing.
January 6th, "The Road to Music Book" in Laowo Bar Kunming.
January 3rd, "The Road to Music Book" in Xiaguan Iceland club Dali.
January 2nd, "The Road to Music Book" in 2416 Tribe Bar Lijiang.
January 1st, "The Road to Music Book" in 39°8 Bar Shuhe.


December 31st, the third Strait Rock Festival in Xiamen.
December 29th, Shake Music Force Rock Star Concert in Taiyuan.
December 27th, "The Road to Music Book" in A•D Live House Foshan.
December 25th, "The Road to Music Book" in C:Union Guangzhou.
December 24th, the 7th Beach Festival in Shenzhen.
December 23rd, "The Road to Music Book" in Freedom House Changsha.
December 22nd, "The Road to Music Book" in VOX Wuhan.
December 21st, "2012" World Countdown Concert in Beijing Star Live.
December 18th, "The Road to Music Book" in 7Live Bar Zhengzhou.
December 17th, "The Road to Music Book" in New Moon Key Club Xi'an.
December 16th, Shake Music Force Rock Star Concert in Shi Jianzhuang.
December 11th, "The Road to Music Book" in Hertz Bar Dalian.
December 10th, "The Road to Music Book" in Medici Live House Shenyang.
December 9th, "The Road to Music Book" in Old Boy Bar Changchun.
December 8th, "The Road to Music Book" in Moonlight Treasure Box Bar.
December 7th, "The Road to Music Book" in Daqing Opera.
November 10th, special performance in Communications University of China.
October 29th, Hong Kong Ocean Music Festival.
October 4th, Changjiang Strawberry Music Festival.
October 3rd, Hanning "Chao" Music Festival.
October 2nd, Changzhou 2011 Yancheng Music Festival.
September 28th, Linyi First Qingdao Beer Festival.
September 25th, Hefei Rock Music Festival.
September 12th, 2011 The World City Music Festival and the debut of Pure Flower the 5th "The Road to Music Book".
August 20th, 2011 Gathering of Heros Wisdom Mountain in Tianjin.
July 30th, 2011 the third Zhangbei Music Festival.
July 16th, 2011 Xixia Beer Festival.
July 10th, The 4th "Music Book" performance,the debut of new song Drop Around in Mako Live House Beijing.
May 21st, The debut of new song Tits and the 3rd "Music Book" performance.
May 2nd, 2011 Beijing Strawberry Music Festival.
April 23rd, debut of new song Needy, the second "Music Book" performance in 13club Tianjin.
March 8th, the debut of new song Dance Music and the first "Music Book" performance in Beijing 798 Nian Club.
January 2nd, Ten Year Anniversary "Forget your lover" Concert in Beijing Star Live.


December 25th, "Three Rock Kingdoms" performance in Five Hundred Mile Music Festival in Kunming.
December 18th, "Three Rock Kingdoms" performance in Tianjin Bayi Theater.
December 17th, "Ten Years as One Day" in 7Live Zhengzhou.
December 15th, "Ten Years as One Day" in Yong Pub Hefei.
December 14th, "Ten Years as One Day" in VOX Bar Hankou.
December 12th, "Ten Years as One Day" in VOX Bar Wuchang.
December 11th, "Ten Years as One Day" in Nuts Club Chongqin.
December 10th, "Ten Years as One Day" In Aperture Club Xi'an.
December 8th, "Ten Years as One Day" in Traveller Club Hangzhou.
December 7th, "Ten Years as One Day" in Wave Livehouse Suzhou.
December 6th, "Ten Years as One Day" in 80 Idea Factory Changzhou.
December 5th, "Ten Years as One Day" in Shanghai Mao.
December 4th, "Ten Years as One Day" in 61House Nanjing.
December 3rd, "Ten Years as One Day" in Owl Bar Qingdao.
December 2nd, "Ten Years as One Day" in Banzhuo Bar Jinan.
December 1st, "Ten Years as One Day" in Night Bar Zibo.
November 30th, the performance in the release of Shit life wrote by Huang Liaoyuan.
November 21st, "Ten Years as One Day" in Big Fish Bar Shenyang.
November 20th, "Ten Years as One Day" in Hertz Bar Dalian.
November 19th, "Ten Years as One Day" in Lan Kwai Fong Bar Changchun.
November 14th, "Ten Years as One Day" in Central Cultural Palace in Tsitsihar.
November 12th, "Ten Years as One Day" in Box Town Club Harbin.
October 24th, Hangzhou West Lake Music Festival.
October 5th, Lijiang Snow Mountain Music Festival.
October 3rd, Zhenjiang Midi Music Festival.
October 2nd, Beijing Modern Sky Music Festival.
October 1st, Jinan City Forest Music Festival.
September 3rd, Chessboard Hill Rock Music Festival in Shenyang.
August 22nd, "Three Rock Kingdoms" performance in TU Club Guangzhou.
August 20th, "Three Rock Kingdoms" performance in Shenzhen Music Hall.
August 16th, International Nadam Fair Festical in Erdos.
July 30th, the 2nd Zhangbei Music Festival.
July 29th, the 12th International Beer Festival in Dalian.
July 26th, the Fist ICCIE in Daqing.
July 22nd to 25th, the second Forest Music Festival in Harbin.
July 1st, the debut performance Everyone wants to be the lead singer in Beijing Little Salt Bar.
June 6th, "Tong the Same Song" performance in 13 club Tianjin.
May 29th, "Tong the Same Song" performance in Beijing.
May 17th, Everyone wants to be the lead singer in Yidu Tang Shenzhen.
May 16th, Everyone wants to be the lead singer in Live Bar Zhuhai.
May 14th, Everyone wants to be the lead singer in Tu Club Guangzhou.
May 8th, Behind the Scene Recall and Continue Concert in Fangjia Alley 46.
May 3rd, Camp Music Festival in Yi Xian.
May 1st, the 11th Beijing Midi Music Festival
April 8th, Memorial Zhangyue in Yugongyishan Bar Beijing.
January 29th, Special performance in Queen Sea Bar Tangshan.
January 24th, Beijing Charitable Rock Music Festival.


December 31st, special performance at Rolling Stone Disco.
December 21st, 4th Tianjin Outdoor Music Festival.
December 12th, 1st Second Hand Rose People's Congress.
October 30th, Rock Festival, Ningbo.
October 25th, Sino-German Music Festival, Wuhan.
October 4th, finale at Modern Sky Music Festival.
September 26th, "Happiness of Acting", Second Hand Rose and Lin Xiaopei Star Live Carnival.
Semptember 5th, Qujiang International Contemporary Arts, Xi'an.
August 23rd, Beijing Olympic Center Music Festival.
August 15th, special performance in Busan, Seoul.
July 24th, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", Base Bar, Shenzhen.
July 23rd, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", Xi Wo Bar, Guangzhou.
July 21st, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", Neighbor Bar, Yiwu.
July 19th, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", Travelers Bar, Hangzhou.
July 18th, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", Ancient Castle Bar, Nanjing.
July 17th, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", Zhi Jiang Dream Factory, Shanghai.
July 10th, launch of New EP Lover, Yu Gong Yi Shan, Beijing.
June 28th, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", Little Bar, Chengdu.
June 26th, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", Fuck-off Bar, Kunming.
June 24th, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", Luck Bar, Guiyang.
June 21st, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", VOX Bar, Wuchang.
June 20th, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", 4698 Bar, Changsha.
June 18th, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", 7 Live Bar, Zhengzhou.
June 14th, Sino-German Music Festival, Shenyang.
June 6th, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", 13 Club, Tianjin.
May 30th, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", Western Wine City, Xining.
May 29th, "Wear Out Iron Shoes", Time Music Bar, Lanzhou.
May 28th, Zhang Guan Li Dai Music Festival, Xi'an.
May 12th, One Year Anniversary of 5.12 Earthquake, Star Live, Beijing.
May 2nd, Fairy Mountain Music Festival, Chongqing.
March 7th, D22 Bar, Beijing.
February 28th, Chi Ren & Second Hand Rose, Star Live, Beijing.
February 14th, half-plugged, the Little Salt Bar, Beijing.
January 3rd, half-plugged, Jiang Jin Jiu Bar, Beijing.


December 27th, "You in a Red Chamber, I Journey West", Yicoo Innovation Park, Tianjin.
December 19th, 7 Live Bar, Zhengzhou.
December 6th to 7th, music festival, Base Bar, Shenzhen.
November 1st, "You in a Red Chamber, I Journey West" starting concert.
October 31st, 3rd Tianjin Outdoor Music Festival.
October 24th, 8th Anniversary of Second Hand Rose, New Get Lucky Bar, Beijing.
October 2nd, 3rd Snow Mountain Music Festival, Yunnan.
October 1st, Ocean Music Festival, Yuetuo Island, Tangshan.
May 29th, Concert for Sichuan Earthquake Relief, Yu Gong Yi Shan Club, Beijing.
April, 19th, 13 Club, Tianjin.
January 5th, Nature Bar, Xiamen.
January 1st, Mushroom New Year Contemporary Music Festival, Beijing.


December 29th, Hard Stone Club, Tianjin.
December 12th, special performance, Seoul, Korea.
December 1st, Yu Gong Yi Shan Club, Beijing.
November 7th, performed as honored guest in ACAF NY, U.S.A.
November 4th, performed in the 4th Levi's Rock Party as honored guest.
November 2nd, 7th Anniversary of Second Hand Rose, New Get Lucky Bar, Beijing.
October 4th, 2nd Snow Mountain Music Festival, Yunnan.
September 23rd, Kaku Music Party, Wuhan.
September 8th, VOX Bar, Wuchang.
August 10th, "Fun in Your Spot", the Star Live, Beijing.
July 20th, Prairie Rock Festival, Inner Mongolia.
July 12th, the Star Live, Beijing.
July 7th, PARK Club, Jinan.
July 6th, Rose Bar, Weifang.
July 1st, Little Bar, Chengdu.
June 30th, Little Bar, Chengdu.
June 28th, Jiu Ku Bar, Guiyang.
May 26th, Base Bar, Shenzhen.
May 20th, the Velvet Underground Bar, Shijiazhuang.
May 18th, the 4 Live Bar, Shanghai.
Aprial 17th, Tencent Rock Party.


December 24th, the 4 Live Bar, Shanghai.
December 23rd, Christmas Rock, International Exhibition Center, Tianjin.
December 22nd, Music Breakout with Xie Tianxiao, Langfang University Town.
December 16th, Ancient City Stars Concert, Victory Stadium, Liaoyang.
December 2nd, Music Breakout with Xie Tianxiao, Shenyang.
October 28th, 2006 Outdoor Music Festival, Tianjin.
October 27th, "Tang Suan Wu Suo Wei" serial performances at the New Get Lucky Club, Beijing.
October 21st, album launch for "The World of Entertainment", Star Live, Beijing.
October 6th, 1st Beijing Beer Festival.
October 3rd, Base Bar, Shenzhen.
October 2nd, Rock Festival in Zengcheng, Guangdong.
September 30th, Hush!! Full Band Marathon Rock Festival, Macau.
September 28th, Liu Fang Yuan Bar, Guangzhou.
September 2nd, Charity Performance for Animal Protection, Star Live, Beijing.
August 12th, 6th Anniversary of Second Hand Rose, New Get Lucky Bar, Beijing.
July 23rd, SOLO Bar, Guangzhou.
July 22nd, South China Rock Festival, Shenzhen Window of the World.
July 21st, Tang Club, Shanghai.
July 14th, 4698 Bar, Changsha.
June 18th, "Another 20 Years Rock Festival", Shenyang.
May 15th, "the Second Blossom" special performance, 798 Art Festival, Beijing.
May 2nd, 3rd Chaoyang Pop Music Week, Beijing.
March 25th, the Unknown Ground, Beijing.
February 14th, New Get Lucky Bar, Beijing.
January 22nd, Millennium Bar, Taiyuan.
January 2nd, Base Bar, Shenzhen.
January 1st, SOLO Bar, Guangzhou.


December 31st, Rock China New Year Countdown Concert, Huizhou.
October 14th, China Music Festival, Amsterdam.
October 4th, Youth Palace, Harbin.
August 20th, Green Beijing Outdoor Music Festival.
August 13th, 5th Anniversary of Second Hand Rose, New Get Lucky Bar, Beijing.
July 30th, 2005 Inner Mongolia Prairie Carnival.
July 28th, Da Tian Wan Beer Festival, Chongqing.
July 1st, 60th Anniversary of Anti-Fascist Grand Concert.
May, China-Hong Kong-Korea International Music Festival, Wulihe Stadium, Shenyang.
January, recorded TV live show for the Travel Channel.


December 24th, Christmas Eve Concert, the Unknown Ground Bar, Beijing.
December 16th, performed as honored guest in 2004 China Digital Prize Presentation Ceremony.
October 26th, Rock Festival, Base Bar, Shenzhen.
October 21st, 1st Tokyo Asia Music Festival, Japan.
October 16th, performed in Harbin.
August 20th, Youth China Summer Music Festival, Shanghai.
August 8th, Helanshan Rock Festival, Yinchuan.


December 31st, China New Year Rock Festival, Guangzhou.
December 27th, 2003 Nanchang Rock Festival.
December 13th, To the heavens Concert, Beijing.
October 3rd, 4th MIDI Music Festival, Beijing.
July 30th, Boboshi Bar, Chongqing.
January 7th, ARK Bar, Shanghai.
January 3rd, Get Lucky Bar, Beijing.


December, 10th Anniversary ceremony for NHK.
December 28th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
December 19th, 3rd MIDI Music Festival, Beijing.
November 19th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
November 13th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
October 31st, Ren Club, Beijing.
October 27th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
October 18th, performed as honored guest in Beijing Comtemporary Female Poets Recitation.
September 28th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
September 23rd, Pursue Annual Symposium.
September 14th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
August 16th, 1st Snow Mountain Music Festival, Yunan.
August 4th, Base Bar, Shenzhen.
August 3rd, Base Bar, Shenzhen.
August 2nd, Shenzhen Window of the World.
July 27th, Dalian Beer Music Festival.
June 24th, China Millennium Monument, Beijing.
May 31st, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
May 20th to 21st, special performance at Shenzhen Earl Theater.
May 19th, Nature Bar, Shenzhen.
May 17th, New Nature Bar, Shenzhen.
May 12th, Outdoor Music Festival, Hangzhou.
April 28th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
April 12th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
March, three performances in Swiss (22nd, Berne; 23rd, Snowpenair Music Festival; 27th, Zurich).
March 17th, "Special Performance for Swiss Tour", CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
March 15th to 16th, Huigui Bar, Chongqing.
February 1st, Ogilvy Annual Symposium.
January 27th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
Januray 26th, Get Lucky Bar, Beijing.
January 18th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
January 6th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.


December 24th, CD CAFÉ, as Cui Jian's honored guest.
December 21st, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
December 14th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
December 9th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
December 2nd, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
October 14th, THE LOFT, Beijing.
September 29th, Sheng Se Bar, Beijing.
August 26th, Get Lucky Bar, Beijing.
August 17th, Get Lucky Bar, Beijing.
May 11th, CCTV Advertisement Ceremony.
May 3rd, NO.88 Bar, Beijing.
April 26th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
April 22nd, THE LOFT, with Paul Gilbert from Mr. Big, Beijing.
April 15th, Sheng Se Bar, Beijing.
March 8th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
February 14th, Top One Bar, Beijing.
January 7th, Hu Peng Gou You Club, Beijing.
January 1st, Hu Peng Gou You Club, Beijing.


December 25th, Snow World Music Festival, Harbin.
December 14th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
December 3rd, Hu Peng Gou You Club, Beijing.
December 1st, Window of the World Plaza Concert, Wuhan.
November 10th, CD CAFÉ, Beijing.
November 5th, Harbin 3rd Rock Festival.
September 25th, Bao Dian Bar, Beijing.
August, 1st Visual Rock Festival by BTV.
August 24th, serial performance in Music Zone produced by China V.
August 13th, initial launch in Get Lucky.
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